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Infrastructure Solution

Critical businesses depend on an effective functioning IT infrastructure. Therefore it is very imperative that an organization is well equipped with a reliable and secure network.

Whether the business is a small one comprising a few computers or a large one spanning various geographical locations, we can build the solution that best fits an organization?s needs.

Our network design services assist clients with design, execution and management of their physical, logical and operational network infrastructures. These services include blending the new technology and integrating client's existing hardware and software to manage on a continuous basis. Our network design and management services include:

  • Defining functional requirements
  • Developing multi-vendor integration plans
  • Preparing technical design documentation
  • Developing engineering specifications and documents
  • Router Configuration
  • Network administration & Troubleshooting
  • Tracking and maintenance of physical assets
  • Problem diagnosis, fault detection, Trouble shooting and restoration
  • Alarm management, problem diagnosis, and dispatch of service resources
  • Network backup, including disaster recovery procedures

We possess significant expertise in integrating new networking systems without disrupting ongoing business operations. We help our customers deploy high speed backbone networks. We reconfigure/upgrade network elements, systems and facilities.

While business and technology are in constant evolution, the networking infrastructure has to perform consistently and reliably to offer competitive advantage to an organization?s needs. We help the Client to enhance the network infrastructure in a cost effective manner to address the needs.

We also work with Client to design a network infrastructure that handles current business traffic and also take into consideration the need to integrate new technologies thus enabling the organization to be well equipped to meet the challenges and trends that may emerge in future.

We provide consultancy services to a number of large and medium sized businesses. We specialize mainly in LAN, WAN and Network Infrastructure design.