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Application Solution

When packaged solutions and software aren't sufficient or flexible enough for an organization, EIT has the necessary expertise and ability to custom-build applications to Clients specifications and needs.

EIT?s application development services help address the business and technology challenges by building applications that cater to Clients business needs.

At EIT, we understand the enterprise needs and the environment in which the application program is developed and deployed, and identify the security risks associated with it. Our well defined processes ensure we deliver high quality applications that come with minimum downtime and volatility. They are easily maintained and reliable so that the Client can continue to address their business needs with minimum support costs.

We ensure that our development methodology is aligned with Client?s specific requirements and can be used for developing new applications as well as enhancing the existing application. The need to integrate an application into an organization?s present or future application environment is given utmost importance.

We also apply secure coding principles to application programs, while making the best use of security infrastructure that is built into the application development and deployment environment.

In the long run, features must be added or modified in an application to optimize a business process. Our dedicated Application Maintenance Services team ensures that the software is up to date with the organization?s requirements by monitoring periodically the application?s performance against the organization?s requirement. Our onshore/offshore engineers ensure prompt maintenance service and aid in knowledge transfers to organizations so that they can work independently.

We offer time and cost effective customized applications that help achieve business goals.