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Electrical Engineering

Electrical requirement for all Infrastructure project:

  • Review of the project report if already prepared or Preparation of project report.
  • Detail engineering of distribution network of electrical system
  • Detail Engineering of Substation up to 400kV
  • Optimization of electrical network.
  • Project Management.

Detail Engineering and project management of Switchyards/substations, ranging from 33kV to 765kV.

  • Report on selection of witching scheme.
  • Detail engineering of switchyard and control room including issue of construction drawings.
  • Procurement activity which includes Technical Specification, Technical Bid Analysis and purchase recommendation
  • Detail engineering of Mechanical systems such as A/C and Ventilation and Firefighting system.
  • Inspection, Testing and Commissioning
  • Project Management

Thermal Power Projects

Detail engineering of Thermal power projects up to 800MW

  • Basic Study Report of complete Electrical systems.
  • Inter phasing of TG and Boiler packages with Balance of plant.
  • Detail engineering of complete electrical system.
  • Complete procurement Activity.
  • Inspection of electrical equipment
  • Co-ordination with other disciplines
  • Project Management

Hydro Electric Plants

  • Basic Study Report of complete Electrical systems.
  • Detail Engineering of Hydro Electric Plants
  • Project Management

Detail engineering for Diesel Captive Power Plants, Bio-Mass plants with bi-fuel, Wind mill and solar plants.